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Whether you have just purchased a new printer or its time for your already in use printer to change and refill the printer cartridges in Australia, it’s just a matter of time to do it yourself. Once your printer is on, bring your new ink cartridge and take it out of the packaging, open the printer tray and replace the old ink with the new one. This is just the basic version of replacing an ink cartridge in your printer. Let’s give you a detailed guideline as to how to put ink cartridge in a printer. For more information, please log on to

  1. Open the Ink Tray in the Center of the Printer 

Whatever model or brand of the printer you have, just open the ink tray which every printer has. Some printer makes might have them located at a different position while others at different. When you are in this process, make sure that you follow the below points: 

  • Your printer should be plugged in and turned on. In order to slide into view the ink compartments, make sure that the printer is switched on. 
  • The ink cartridges will slide into view in the center of the printer. 
  • In some of the models of printers, there is a top lid that allows you to access the ink cartridges when you lift up.  
  1. Pop the Existing Ink Cartridges out of the Printer 

If you are putting an ink cartridge in a new printer, you do not need to go for this step. But if you are already using a printer and need to refill ink, you will have to replace the old one with the new ink cartridge. Follow the below points when going over this process; 

  • Press down on the already existing ink cartridge that you want to remove. This will allow dislodging the ink cartridge that is already there from the ink holder. 
  • Once you follow the above step, you will hear the sound of a click and see the already existing cartridge pop out. Take it out once you see the pop out.  
  • If your printer has two cartridges for black and white ink and colored ink, follow the same procedure for the other ink as well. 
  1. Remove the New Ink Cartridge from the Packaging 

Your new cartridge for the printer usually comes in a white plastic packaging. 

  • Tear the package to get access to the new cartridge. 
  • Depending on the type of cartridge you have; blue top for the colored ink and black top for the black ink, remove the protective tab on the ink cartridge. 
  • This protective tab is used in order to protect the cartridge that dispels the ink. 
  • Avoid touching the copper colored area or the ink nozzles. 
  1. Insert your New Ink Cartridge  
  • Put the new ink cartridge in the ink slot with the ink nozzles facing away from your direction.  
  • The two small plastic tabs on the cartridge that tells you the ink number should be placed closer to you and the ink nozzle facing away from you. 
  • The color cartridge if any, goes on the left side whereas, the black one foes on the right. toners-printers

Video Productions: How To Learn Things Online

Video producing, editing and creations have gained a lot of attention in past few decades. It is, without doubt, one of the best and most demanding professions and industries in today’s world of business. However, getting in to this industry is not as easy as you think. There is a huge competition in video production industry and if you want to choose it as your profession, you will have to get ready for this competition. If you are determined to choose it as your career, you should start educating yourself because just like in every other industry, your knowledge will help you to overcome your problems and other competitors. But most these courses and programs are not cheap. Also you will have to have a free schedule to participate in those video editing campaigns and courses. 

If you want to learn things fast you can try following online classes. But how are you going to choose the right mentor or professional? First of all, you need to get yourself familiar with different tasks and procedures involved in video production projects. Taking an online class without knowing anything about this industry will be pretty pointless. Download a final cut pro free version from a reliable source and start exploring different areas on your own. When you get yourself familiar with different methods and strategies, you will have the urge to know more and that is when you should look for a new class or an online program. 

Looking for an online class is extremely easy because there are thousands of different places and websites that offer these services. That is why most people make mistakes and end up wasting half of their savings on scam services. Narrow down you search to a more specific need of yours when you are looking for an online learning center. 

If you are interested in video editing, consider taking a final cut x tutorial and focus your search on those specific software and tools. You will find decent classes without any hassle but you must talk to them to clear all your doubts before making a final decision. Also, consider their fees and charges too. If you think it is not worth it, you can always ignore it look for another option. 

Maybe talk to your friends of colleagues for their advice and recommendations. You can also talk to professional consultants if you really don’t have a clue. A proper research can help you a lot when making a decision like that. Remember, choosing the right class or lesson will determine what you learn.

Know The Importance Of Competitive Intelligence For Your Organization

Competitive intelligence is a method that defines, analyzes and gathers information about competitors, customers and products or any other information that can be essential for improving the strategies required to have a successful business.

For this, the FMCG industry intelligence make use of two prominent systems which are Market Intelligence (MI) and Market Research (MR). They are beneficial for

• Having a proper outlook of the market in terms of its demographics, size and region

• Having feedback from the customers or other prospects about a particular service or product. This helps in understanding the substitutes and alternatives of being known as buyers.

• Enlisting the various companies that are competing with you, even those that are not evident to you.

This is the reason why CI even works as a media intelligence platform so as to complement other associated findings. Acquiring in-depth knowledge about the efforts and plans of the competitors helps you in creating defensive and offensive strategies that let you have an edge over the market. See this site for further information regarding crisis monitoring.

Remember, the method of getting this information needs a well-planned approach, analytic experience and organizational skills. If you are not sure of these implications then it best to hire a professional company for the task.

How Can The Results of Competitive Intelligence Be Used?

Once you have got a list of potential companies who are ruling the market, the next step is to develop a plan, after which appropriate professionals must be recruited. Such plans should set the desired objectives and specify how the achieved results can be implemented.

A few questions that you can consider while developing a full-proof strategy for your business are

• Will the competitor launch a new service or product?

• Will it expand the sales force?

• Will it enter into a whole new market?

• Are there any prosperous partnership or mergers?

Key Tools To Observe When Preparing A Strategic Plan

The aforementioned questions cannot be asked directly, for this you have to be vigilant on certain tools of the company such as their

• Trade publications, website content, patent filings, newsletter and most importantly new job postings

• Monitor their social media promotions, discussions, charts or forum posts which would unfold useful information about the various developments within their business

• Another exceptional platform is the trade shows or conferences, where you can gather tons of information about the competitor, like their number of staff, collateral, marketing budget and future plans.

After having detailed information, you should integrate them for the benefit of your company. The end goals must be believable and realistic when presented. CI even comes with Early Warning Systems (EWS) that works as an immediate alert about the competitor’s plan which might affect your business.

Trending Virtual Entertainment Ideas For Youngsters

When you are planning to gift your child or a teenage kid at home, you will probably look at video entertainment options. That is one sure way to get a smile on his or her face. Given that, you might wonder what form or medium to get the entertainment system to your home. For instance, you could download games on their mobile phone or gift them a tablet for playing such software. Here are some tips on the different new launches this year.

Building blocks

This category of games ispopular with kids, parents and teachers. There are classic games that you will find that simulate the block building games kids’ play physically. The same block building games can be found in varying levels of complexity. You can accordingly choose to get such video entertainment for your child onto their gaming computer or laptop to stimulate their creativity.

Entertainment on consoles

If you are indulging your children with a brand new console this year, there would be a wide variety of games to choose from. You could also get their online or PC versions for satisfying gaming desktop. These can be physical games that need hand and eye coordination. It would help stimulate creativity as well as engage the children physically as well. You are sure to love the effects on your children as they try different console games and remain immerse in them for hours.


If you have small children you canengage them with fun animation and graphics. There are many virtual videos that are educational and based on classic stories. It would certainly be a fun way to introduce your child to classic stories that they feel too bored to read on paper. They will certainly love to see the graphics and animation. The same can be tried in game form as well as per their age group.

A movie based entertainment

Many new releases this year are based on classic and entertaining movies. You could get games for children that are based on old and popular movies that are perfect for their age group. These games on consoles can be for a group to be entertained as well. Hence, investing in such games for the whole family would certainly be a great idea.
These are some of the trending topics that are the basis of popular games for kids this year. You can find the right ones for your child or for your whole family entertainment. With incredible deals on several forums you will find the purchases online easy and convenient.

Different Types Of Adventure Play Online

If you loved the adventure stories you read when you were young, it is easy to relieve those stories and novel others through the online virtual entertainment portals. You can find different kinds of playing formats available in the formof well known software. The adventure genre by itself has several categories of software to offer. Here are some well known categories that you could look at and explore for your interest.


This is a static form of adventure game that has a classic appeal. Many adventure games offer puzzles that need to be solved. This could also be a matching cards play that is simple and can be loaded on yourcomputer. You can indulge in such play whenever you feel like. The advanced versions of card games involve strategy such as poker games. This form of gaming moves to the next level and can be multiplayer format as well, such as in specialized gaming desktop.

Combat oriented

Among adventure games the combat based games are usually popular among boys and men. Here the players need to play against the software in order to win a mission. In these games there are rewards to be reaped every time one is successful in a mission. Most games allow players to move to more complex adventure in subsequent levels. These might come in the form of two dimensions or even three dimensional forms. However, what kind of software you can run will depend on the configurations of your high quality gaming PC system. These kinds of adventure play also needs good reflexes. Players need to be able to move their persona in ways that they can save themselves or counter attack enemies effectively. The skills are further tested when players are pitted against other live players.

Building plots

In many game plots challenges are in the form of having to build a room, a castle, city or land. There are other levels to such adventure plots such as developing characters and their lives in them, maintaining areas or improving upon them. Many are simulation oriented and need specialized hardware and specific platforms to run on. Many of such detail oriented and simulation games need dedicated consoles or specific computing systems.

These are some of the different kinds of games under the adventure plot genre. If you are looking to purchase any such software, finding the right retail store is crucial. Today, many online forums offer package deals where systems and gaming software come with attractive discounts, especially for the holiday season.