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Whether you have just purchased a new printer or its time for your already in use printer to change and refill the printer cartridges in Australia, it’s just a matter of time to do it yourself. Once your printer is on, bring your new ink cartridge and take it out of the packaging, open the printer tray and replace the old ink with the new one. This is just the basic version of replacing an ink cartridge in your printer. Let’s give you a detailed guideline as to how to put ink cartridge in a printer. For more information, please log on to

Open the Ink Tray in the Center of the Printer 

Whatever model or brand of the printer you have, just open the ink tray which every printer has. Some printer makes might have them located at a different position while others at different. When you are in this process, make sure that you follow the below points: 

Your printer should be plugged in and turned on. In order to slide into view the ink compartments, make sure that the printer is switched on.  The ink cartridges will slide into view in the center of the printer.  In some of the models of printers, there is a top lid that allows you to access the ink cartridges when you lift up. 

Pop the Existing Ink Cartridges out of the Printer

If you are putting an ink cartridge in a new printer, you do not need to go for this step. But if you are already using a printer and need to refill ink, you will have to replace the old one with the new ink cartridge. Follow the below points when going over this process; 

Press down on the already existing ink cartridge that you want to remove. This will allow dislodging the ink cartridge that is already there from the ink holder.  Once you follow the above step, you will hear the sound of a click and see the already existing cartridge pop out. Take it out once you see the pop out.   If your printer has two cartridges for black and white ink and colored ink, follow the same procedure for the other ink as well.  

Remove the New Ink Cartridge from the Packaging 

Your new cartridge for the printer usually comes in  white plastic packaging. Tear the package to get access to the new cartridge. Depending on the type of cartridge you have; blue top for the colored ink and black top for the black ink, remove the protective tab on the ink cartridge. This protective tab is used in order to protect the cartridge that dispels the ink.  Avoid touching the copper colored area or the ink nozzles. 

Insert your New Ink Cartridge

Put the new ink cartridge in the ink slot with the ink nozzles facing away from your direction.   The two small plastic tabs on the cartridge that tells you the ink number should be placed closer to you and the ink nozzle facing away from you.  The color cartridge if any, goes on the left side whereas, the black one foes on the right.